Lafuma LD Sky Race Trail shoes Review

There comes a time in every girl’s life where she meets a very special piece of gear. Something so perfect she wouldn’t change a shoe lace, and can only fall in love and hope the current model never changes. This is what has happened for me with my Lafuma LD Sky Race Trail shoes. I am wearing a these neon yellow beauties right now. I don’t mean to gush. Who am I kidding? I mean to gush. These are my favorite tennis shoes I’ve ever owned.

To date I have taken them on:



Dirt trails




I’ve used them:

Rock hopping

Fording rivers


Swimming in a creek and in the ocean


Playing Ultimate Frisbee


They are hands down the most versatile shoes I’ve ever owned. They have a super grippy sole, are lightweight, breathe well, and are super comfy. My favorite feature: the dual lacing system, so that you can tighten the toe box and the heel separately. My Lafuma shoes allow me to lace in snug for my small ankles, and still have space for my wide foot. They also give me plenty of space when my foot swells.

Lafuma Trail Shoes

Oh little Lafuma shoes, you even do well on snow. Please don’t change next year!

They have large mesh panels on the side and this added ventilation prevents my feet from getting too hot. This mesh helps them dry fast, too. I’ve even gone swimming or forded a river and just kept hiking without switching shoes or putting on dry socks.

I used them hiking in snow, which sounds like a bad idea, but ended up working pretty well. As long as I kept moving my feet didn’t get cold, I took them off once I set up my tent, and in the morning I was glad to have my dry shoes waiting for me. I wouldn’t use them for extended winter trips, but they worked in a pinch.

Frankly, I’m surprised that they aren’t better know in the US. I bought mine on a closeout sale at an outdoor store, and I think the model I like is near the end of it’s run. There are almost none left. Too bad. I’m going to order several pairs online because I’m planning on doing the PCT in them.

(I’m not an affiliate marketer for these shoes. I just straight up love them.)

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