Electrolyte Replacement Options

Hammer Gels

It was very hard to not name this post “Hammer Time” but I am glad for both our sakes that I powered through.

Because I’m training for the Triple D, I’ve been experimenting with a number of electrolyte replacement options. Up today: Sharkies and Hammer Gels.



Sharkies win out majorly with taste. They are actually made with fruit juices, while still managing to taste like those kids fruit snacks that are made with “fruit flavors.”
They have a nice texture.
They are shaped like little sharks. I’m a sucker for animal shaped food.
They are vegan and gluten free. Not important to me, but a pro for some people.
They are a fairly good source of Sodium and Potassium.


No energy boost. I didn’t really feel anything after eating the Sharkies. They were tasty, but I didn’t feel any different after I ate them.
Not helpful for sustained energy. Since they weren’t helpful for an energy boost, I thought they might help me feel consistent energy. Not so. I got tired at the same rate I would have without them.
Their website does not contain any helpful information about the benefits of Sharkies.

Verdict- While tasty, I didn’t notice any effect from using the Sharkies.

Hammer Gel

While I am a huge lover of GU, Hammer Gel might be edging in for a tie.


Energy boost. I tested these gels on two hikes and a frisbee game. I even took one before work. Each time I felt a little pick me up.
Sustained, consistent energy. After the initial lift, the energy I got from the Hammer Shots continued.
No major crash. I have noticed other electrolyte/energy sources have a pretty rapid rise and fall, but Hammer shots seem to taper off slowly, which is to be expected.
Helpful, informative website. I learned a lot by checking it out.


Not so good on the taste. The Apple Cinnamon flavor tastes like liquified pie. And while I am a pie lover, I had to close my eyes and squeeze this one down. Raspberry and Mountain Huckleberry are actually not that bad.
Also made with fruit ingredients.
Less sugar than Sharkies. A 45 gram packet of Sharkies contains 17 grams of sugar. The 32 ounce Hammer Gel contains s grams of sugar.

Verdict- I’m really loving these Hammer Gels, and I’m eager to try out some different flavors. These will definitely have a spot in my backpack.

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